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    Transfer station, Ventilated cabinets, Pass through and sas
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    Washing Expertise and flexibility rule our everyday activity. A.co offers a wide range of Washing Equipment able to fit all needs and operating conditions. Developed and fine tuned to give best results whatever material and shape of devices you need to wash. We do not want you to buy our products, but we want to give an answer to your needs.


    Pass boxes, Air showers, Decomantination lock
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    Air Tech

    Air Tech A.co offers a full line of equipment dedicate to protect and decontaminate equipment transit from/to working zone, animal leaving area and external environment. Decontamination lockers, pass through, air showers and any customized barrier or air curtain you need. We offer you the best product on the market.


    Tunnel washers, Bottle washers, Box and Crate washers, Pallet washers
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    Air Flow

    Air Flow A.CO offers a wide range of environmental controlled cabinets. Used in quarantine rooms, small external laboratories, transit areas, dedicate controlled environment cabinets can guaranty safety of animals and protection from contaminations. Experience and flexibility make A.CO leader in the production of controlled environmental cabinets

    Company Profile

    A.CO is the new name for a leading and long experienced professional team  that drove company development since 1964. Now approaching market with renewed energy , strategy and verve.Leading experience in Washing Technology and Environmental Control for Life Science since 1964 and Food industry since 1998. More than a decade of  winning collaborations with some of the most important brands in Life science industry. A wide range of products for disinfection and sanitization and the strong disposition to  innovation and customization makes A.CO the best partner in many professional areas.

    Partners, not only suppliers. A.CO Customer Service key importance is witnessed by many long term collaborations with leading Institutions .

    Customer Fidelity  over 90% is our pride.



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